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The very first thing to do when you are planning your wedding (after the initial engagement celebrations obviously!) is to sit down with your husband or wife to be and put a realistic figure on paper that you want to or can afford to spend on your wedding.

Create a budget

Creating a budget before you start meeting with suppliers will save you time going backwards and forwards with quotes, help you stay in control of your cash, avoid overspending and hopefully mean that you won't have to cut corners on things that really matter to you. Also, no one wants to come back from their honeymoon to a whole pile of debt and credit cards bills!

Ask for help & advice

By all means get advice from family and friends that are married and have been through all of this before, but remember it is your day and only you can decide what is really important and what you want to spend your hard earned cash on.

Find out if either sets of parents are likely to want to contribute to any area and how much that contribution will be, but bear in mind that if a family member is offering to pay for something they may well want some control and input into how that money is spent!

isle of Man wedding - saving money


Be realistic about how much money you can save yourselves between now and the big day, and bear in mind any unforseeable costs that may crop up and take priority over those savings such as a car breaking down or a broken boiler!


Prioritise what is important - you don't have to splash out on everything! For instance, if flowers are a top priority you might want to save money on your shoes, or if stunning invitations are what you dream of, then perhaps try and save money on the food?

Isle of Man Wedding Jimmy Choo shoes

Expect to overspend!

There will always be something unexpected that you didn't think of or that ends up costing more than you expected so typically we advise to add 5-10% of your initial budget to cover those unforseen costs. If you got it spot on in the first instance, then you have bonus spends for your honeymoon!

Download our handy Budget Planner Spreadsheet here to help you get started!

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