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Top Tips for a Rainy Wedding Day

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Every Bride I know has wished or is wishing for fine weather on their wedding day - if for nothing but the sake of their hair, makeup and photo opportunities! The weather is one of the few things that you have absolutely no control over whatsoever, so our advice is to be prepared for it rather than stress over it. So here are our top tips for a rainy wedding day!

  • Be prepared - you can't change the forecast, but you can still keep an eye on it and prepare for the worst. For instance, if you are having a marquee reception, is there a way for the guests to get to the loos without walking through a muddy bog? Does your photographer have a backup location inside in case your outdoor ones are no longer possible? Knowing you have a plan B in place will stop you stressing out so much.
  • Check with your vendors that they also have a plan B in place in case of bad weather - as professionals they should do but it is always worth reading the small print in the contract to see what they are expected to do if it rains - for instance, if a string quartet is going to be playing outside, or you have any electrical equipment that may be affected.  Even down to vintage cars that may have leaky roofs!
  • Bring a Brolly!  Practical and photogenic!  Your photographer can incorporate the brolly into some cute wedding photos of you both as well as keeping your hair and face dry!  You can also buy fairly inexpensive umbrellas now to give to your guests if they have to brave the weather between ceremony and reception venues.
  • Be Hair Prepared!  I know my hair is a nightmare at the slightest hint of moisture in the air so if yours is also prone to frizz or falling flat, opt for a stylish updo or messy bun instead of having your locks down.  Pretty floral crowns can still give a summery feel without you having to worry about the style disappearing half way through the day!
  • Wear Wellies!  Well, not necessarily to walk down the aisle, but to get between photo locations perhaps?  Again, ask your photographer to get creative and include this in your photos as a reminder of how you handled the day!
  • Warn your guests -  If your location is renowned for bad weather (ahem, the Isle of Man, unpredictable ALL year round!) and you are hoping to be outside for part of the day, then include something in your invites for them to pack their raincoats!
  • Be flexible with your schedule - if the day is forecast for scattered showers you might not be able to have your photographs straight after the ceremony so consider whether you can juggle your drinks reception and pop back out for photos before you sit down to eat.
  • Be gracious!  Your guests will take their cues from you and if they see you enjoying yourself and taking the bad weather in your stride, then they will too!  Remember, you will be creating fantastic memories whatever the weather turns out to be.

Did you have a rainy wedding day? How did you cope with it? We would love to hear from you! Get in touch with us here if you would like to appear in our Real Wedding section.

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