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Tara & David - She Said Yes!

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Our first proposal of the year is a beautifully romantic one - just what we needed here at MMW HQ to cheer us up in the first week back at work!  Over to Tara to tell their story...

I met David on an annual Christmas jumper night out 3 years ago with friends. I can remember telling my friends how good looking he was and how hilarious he was at dancing. I encouraged my friends to dance along with him as I was taken at the time. We all went our separate ways that night, him going back to college in Scotland and me returning to my normal every day routine.

A year on after a breakup and moving in with my sister, we bumped into each other again on Christmas Eve. We recognised each other instantly! He messaged me at one minute past midnight to be the first to wish me a Merry Christmas.

We began talking and within a a few months we were dating. After finding out just how much we had in common with each other he asked me to be his girlfriend, we spent the rest of the year getting to know each other’s families and friends and everyone seemed to see just how much we were in love.

We went away the next Christmas to celebrate and he still messaged me at one minute past midnight to wish me a Merry Christmas. Another incredible year has gone by in which we have made a home together and introduced a small furry Manx cat too!

This Christmas Eve just gone he gathered my family around our house to celebrate Christmas. The clock came to midnight and he asked me aside. He then dropped to his knee and asked me too marry him at one minute past midnight.

It goes without saying that I cried a lot and said yes! Christmas has always been such a special time for us but was even more special this year. We are so happy in love and have already started to plan the big day! 

Congratulations Tara & David - a beautiful story made even more heartwarming with the addition of a kitten and cute matching Christmas jumpers!  Good luck with planning your day and thank you so much for sharing your proposal with us!

We love to hear proposal and wedding stories so please feel free to get in touch if you would like to share yours!  And if you are planning your day keep an eye on our blog for all our free planning tools to help your wedding journey run as smoothly as possible!

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