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Congratulations, you're engaged!

What happens next?

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Congratulations on your engagement!

Were you swept off your feet?  Or did you do the sweeping?  Whether your proposal was a jaw-dropping romantic gesture or a quiet conversation over dinner, you can be guaranteed that your life is about to change!

An engagement used to be a legally binding arrangement, usually between the Father of the Bride and the Groom (which is where the tradition of asking the Father for his daughter’s hand in marriage comes from), but now it is more seen as the first public display of commitment to each other.  There is no set length of time for an engagement – usually, as long as it takes for the couple to save up and plan their wedding day.

Beach engagement shoot - Jewell Photography

Spreading the news

How would you like to tell your friends and family?  Normally you would tell close relatives first, in person if possible so they can hug and squeeze you and perhaps crack open a bottle of bubbly!  Or if they are further away, perhaps a group Skype call?

sunset engagement shoot - Jewell Photography

Some people make their announcement official by asking us to write an article on the My Manx Wedding blog which has the advantage of being able to tell your proposal and love story to everyone in one go, or if you are old-school you can place an advert in your local newspaper.

And then you have the good old Facebook relationship status change from single to engaged…. hit the ‘Post’ button and then run for cover as you are inundated with hundreds of well-wishes!

Isle of Man engagement - Jewell Photography

Engagement Photos

Once the dust has settled and you start to think about your wedding day, check and see if your chosen photographer includes an engagement shoot in any of their packages.  This is a great way to document the occasion as well as seeing how you feel about being in front of the camera.  Your wedding photographer will be with you for the whole day of your wedding, so it is great if you can get to know them a bit first.


Choose a location that is meaningful to you both, perhaps where the proposal took place or a favourite walk, or even bring along your family pets to include! This is an ideal time to get a photo taken for a Save the Date card or to show off your new engagement ring.  Let your photographer guide you in front of the camera and relax!

engagement shoot with horse - Jewell Photography

Time to party?

It used to be a tradition to throw an engagement party as a precursor to the big day, but with weddings themselves being much more extravagant affairs these days, your budget may not stretch to this.   What might be a more suitable idea is to book a table at your favourite restaurant for your immediate family and close friends for a more intimate celebration.  This may also be the first time that the different sides of the family have met so is a great opportunity to get to know each other before becoming in-laws.

Jewell Photography engagement

Whatever you do, make sure you do it your way! This is the start of your new life together – enjoy it!

We would love to chat with you if you are interested in featuring your proposal story, engagement shoot or wedding with us. Get in touch here.

Also, have a look here at our handy guide on how to set your wedding budget.

Photography Credits: Jewell

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