Autumn Wedding DIY Projects

If you are planning an Autumn wedding there are so many DIY projects you can do to make your day personal to you.  Here are some of our favourites for you to have a go at – click on the images to go to the original posts with full instructions.

Gold Leaf Place Setting:

Collect some fallen leaves, flatten them between some heavy books, spray with gold paint and write the names on with a black marker pen – easy peasy!  Or if the gold is a bit much, you could choose leaves that are a nice dark red or brown colour to start with and draw the name on with gold or silver pen.

Source: Elements of Style
Source: Elements of Style

This theme could also extend to you table numbers too.

Leafy Jars

A gorgeous alternative to just plain old jam jars and inexpensive too if you have an afternoon to go for a romantic stroll with your other half and collect the leaves!

Source: The Budget Decorator

Pumpkin Tealight Holders

I love this idea – hollow out the top of a gourd or mini pumpkin (or larger pumpkin and use bigger candles), and pop a Tealight in the top.  If you wanted to keep it really Manx you could use a turnip!

Source: Revel Blog
Source: Revel Blog

Autumn ‘Snow’ Globe

I came across this tutorial completely by accident whilst searching for something else, but how fun would these be to have a couple on each table to entertain your guests – kids and adults alike I’m sure!

The site is American so we don’t have the same stockists, but things like the foil leaves are fairly easy to come by in a craft shop or somewhere that sells cake decorating accessories possibly?  I think adding a bit of glitter to the water would make it look even more beautiful!

Source: Frugal Fun for Boys
Source: Frugal Fun for Boys

Painted Acorns

Something else to look out for on those romantic strolls!  Collect acorns and paint them to match your colour scheme – they can then be used to decorate place cards and menus or just scattered across the tables.

Source: Home Stories A to Z
Source: Home Stories A to Z

Leafy Confetti

If you can make enough of this leafy confetti you could fill paper cones to give to your guests as an alternative to dried rose petals.  Or you could scatter them on tables, use them to decorate invites, thank you cards, place cards…. endless possibilities!

Source: Grow Creative
Source: Grow Creative

Carved Pumpkins

Forget scary faces and ghosts – I much prefer my pumpkins carved with pretty floral motifs and fretwork!  Use a drill or a sharp craft knife to get the really intricate patterns.

Source: Tulle & Chantilly
Source: Tulle & Chantilly

Copper Leaf Pumpkins

Copper is on trend this year for Autumn and Christmas and if you want to add just a subtle touch of glamour, why not cover the top of a mini gourd with some copper leaf?  I did this for my wedding with cream coloured gourds and had them scattered on the tables.

2013-10-11 15.32.08

Follow these steps to create your own glamorous gourds!

  • Ensure your gourd is clean and dry
  • Use a brush to apply a small amount of size (the glue recommended for metal leaf application) to the top.
  • Leave for a couple of minutes to go tacky and then carefully lay a piece of copper leaf over the sticky area.
  • Using a clean, dry brush work the leaf into the grooves and creases of the gourd and brushing off any excess that isn’t stuck down.
  • Leave to dry for a couple of hours.

I hope this has inspired you if you are planning an Autumn wedding.  We would love to see any DIY projects that you have planned for your big day!

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