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Production One
Production One
We are an Isle of Man based company providing hire services to the conference, live sound and events market.

Getting your message across.

We won’t sell you what you do not need, but the sound at your event is important. Musicians spend years perfecting the way they play a track, all for it too sound terrible because no one bothered to spend money on what the sound would be coming out of. The same when you’re stood delivering a keynote speech to the heads of department or shareholders. Its no longer a case of they want to hear what your saying, they need to.

We have invested heavily in the right equipment for the job. We want our customers to be proud when there client tells them they enjoyed their speech because they managed to hear it in the first place. Our previous clients have told us how good we are so let us add our knowledge with your ideas and help you deliver a professional event that lets everyone know you mean business.

A need to look good.

It’s just as important as ‘Sound’, the two go together like… The point is no matter who your guests are, staff, paying customers, die hard cult members of a band that travel from gig to gig to seem them play, things look better when they are lit properly. This is not to say you want a rock show in the middle of your corporate event, but you do want something that stops everyone saying ‘I couldn’t see the speaker all the way through that’ when you would rather they say ‘what a great event’

So no matter who you are, its important. As your supplier we will offer you everything we can to help make your event a success, drawing on years of experience to deliver the service you require and all at the best possible price. There is no such thing as a set price for this type of service, it all depends on what you want and what you need. At least this way when you pick up the phone to talk to us about how we can help you, its a service that will be tailored solely for your requirements.
10 Albert Street
Isle of Man


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Production One