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Every Bride wants to feel beautiful on their wedding day while all eyes and camera lenses are focused on them, but for some people being the centre of attention is enough to send them into a cold sweat.  Today we are chatting to Heather Rothwell who is in the business of boosting confidence and helping people shine on their special day…

Heather Rothwell

My name is Heather Rothwell and I am currently the only Style Coachtm on the Island. Style coaching is a unique blend of a Life Coach and an Image Consultant. Style Coaching believes in a strong mind and body connection, as it can be quite a challenge for someone to make changes to their outer image if their inner confidence levels are very low. In order for a bride to feel confident, comfortable, relaxed and completely gorgeous on her wedding day, she needs to feel confident on the inside by knowing that her choice of wedding dress is the right choice and reflects her true self. Unfortunately, there is no second chance to get this right!

How did you get into Style Coaching?

I was sitting at work one day and felt that I wasn’t truly happy where I was and that I needed to make a complete change in my career. I wanted to do something that would not only ignite my own passions, which had become buried over the years, but to also enable me to do something for other women. I wanted to help women to feel confident and beautiful within themselves and enjoy their lives fully and not feel overwhelmed by lack of confidence, fashion trends, fabric colours, what other people think, etc. It was these thoughts that changed my path and led me to study to become a Style Coachtm

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What services do you offer?

In order to get the best benefit from the services I offer, it is advisable to invest in the full journey which consists of; Confidence Building Sessions followed by Body Shape Analysis, Colour Analysis, Wardrobe De-cluttering and Analysing and Personal Shopping. I also offer sessions on What to Wear for an Interview and Bridal Wear Sessions.

The Bridal Wear Sessions include advising which style of wedding dress would best suit the bride’s body shape and natural contours as well as matching her personality, as this is so important if she is going to feel comfortable and relaxed on her wedding day. I also discuss which shade of white may work better with the brides natural skin tones and offer advice on support wear and underwear, jewellery and provide numerous other hints and tips regarding wedding dress shopping, fitting and other relevant, interesting and useful information.

Shape Sketches

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

The most satisfying part of my job is seeing the happiness on a client’s face when they actually experience the difference the sessions they have invested in has made to their lives. It’s truly like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders and the brightest light has started shining onto them. I absolutely love it and it inspires me even more. Brides especially are so relieved to have assistance and advice with regard to choosing a dress that will not only suit their body shapes but that will suit their personalities too. This is such an important day for them.

Has there been any stand out or amusing parts of your career?

Each client creates a stand out part for me, as it’s wonderful to be able to work with so many diverse, unique and interesting people and make a difference in someone’s life in a very positive way. This is the greatest feeling. I feel especially privileged to work with brides, as I have been invited into their lives to share something very special with them on a very special occasion.

Beautiful Bride

Do you have any special advice for Brides in respect of their choice of wedding dresses?

Try and ensure that you and only you make the final decision on the choice of your wedding dress. You are going to be the one wearing it all day and although friends and family have your best interests at heart by offering their opinions, it’s not their special day but yours. By ensuring you choose your own dress will make you feel extra confident and beautiful on your wedding day.

You can find out more information and contact Heather through her website and Facebook page

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