Vicky & Craig’s Parisian Proposal

I have to admit, when I read about Vicky & Craig’s beautiful Parisian proposal, I welled up… I’m a sucker for a beautiful love story and Craig certainly did a great job creating this one.  Over to the lovely Vicky to tell you all about it!

Vicky and Craig

Our story began when we met one night whilst Craig was working in the bar he manages part time and I was out with friends.  He messaged me on Facebook that night and we got talking from there. Since then, we have been through everything together from him flipping a car, to family members passing away, to moving in together and we have now been a couple (unofficially) for about a year and a half!

The last week in January I was looking through my holiday calendar in work and noticed that there were a couple of days booked out over the last weekend in February. I texted Craig to question if I had actually booked them off and I was just being my forgetful self to which he replied straight away saying ‘Ring me now!’ I called him and he explained he’d booked a surprise trip to go and visit my mum and family in the UK and that I wasn’t supposed to know! So for the next two weeks, I got excited about going away and Craig gave me a list of things I needed to pack and said he had planned activities for us to do whilst at my mums…

The time came for us to hop on a plane to London Gatwick where Craig told me he’d written the whole weekend agenda out and he was going to give it to me on the train to my mums. We got off the plane and onto the train and we were both filled with excitement! Craig gave me an envelope to open and enclosed were two more envelopes.  I opened the one that had ‘open me first’ on the front and pulled out a €5 note.  I was so confused and questioned him but he asked me to open the second one – I opened it to find a train ticket to Paris for the next morning!!!!!!! That night we stayed in a hotel in Kings Cross and got up the next morning at 5am to catch the train to Paris – I was ecstatic and completely shocked! I hadn’t even imagined that’s what he had planned!!!!

Vicky and Craig Parisian Proposal
We finally arrived in Paris and went to our hotel, it was about 11am local Parisian time and Craig suggested we go for a walk… If you know Craig you’d know that this wasn’t normal because we’d been up since 5am UK time so he’d usually suggest a nap! So off we went on a walk, little did I know that Craig had planned the route and after 45 minutes we arrived at the beautiful Palais Royal Garden.

We walked a little bit further and Craig pulled me in for a cuddle and a kiss. I could feel he was nervous and asked if anything was wrong, he said ‘no’ so I grabbed his arm and made him carry on walking. I asked him to hold my hand and as he put his hand in mine I could feel he was all clammy so again I asked if he was okay to which he replied ‘I’m fine, it’s just really hot today!’ (Bear in mind we were in Paris at the end of February and it was colder than the Isle of Man!).

We continued walking and he stopped again, pulling me in for another cuddle and a kiss and whispered ‘I have a question to ask you’, I looked at him in shock but he pulled my head to his chest, ‘will you marry me?’ he asked and then got down on one knee, I couldn’t believe what was happening! Still overwhelmed at the fact I was even in Paris and now he was asking me to marry him! Me being the big wuss I am burst into tears and swung my arms around him, of course, my answer was yes! We continued to walk around the garden however I couldn’t concentrate as I was too busy staring at the ring on my finger!
Vicky and Craig Engagement ring
Afterwards, we found a cute local restaurant to stop for lunch and toasted with a glass of champagne! The rest of the trip was amazing, he’d planned a champagne cruise that evening, we went to the Eiffel Tower, spent one day walking around and exploring, we went to the Montparnasse and many other little activities in between. On our last day he had planned a spa day with a sensory deprivation tank and massage bed, which was amazing! It’s been a month since this all happened and I’m still overwhelmed with it all!

Parisian Proposal
Since we’ve been back I’ve been told that Craig had gone and asked my father to have my hand in marriage! He had told everyone but managed to keep it a secret from me and had been planning the whole thing since October last year!!! We have now set a date and booked the church, venue, cars and photographer and things are finally beginning to come together! I have never been so happy!!!

Vicky and Craig Parisian Proposal

Didn’t I warn you it was Romance with a capital R?  Thanks to Craig and Vicky for sharing their love story – we can’t wait to hear about your wedding day!

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