Top Ten Tips to Find Your Wedding Florist

Here are our top ten tips to finding your wedding florist and getting the flowers of your dreams!

If you are still searching for your wedding florist then this is the article for you!

  1. Start with recommendations from friends and family – a great way to find any of your wedding suppliers but I think one of the best!
  2. Don’t leave it too late! Some florists are only able to take on one or two large weddings per weekend so don’t take it for granted that the one you want will be available.
  3. Meet them face to face, if possible in their shop or studio. I think it is important that you ‘click’ with your wedding suppliers before you put down a deposit.  Your wedding florist should ‘get’ you, be on your wavelength and be just as passionate as you about finding the perfect shade of pink rose.
    Rose and Bridesmaids
    Jewell Photography


  4. Go to your meetings armed with visual inspiration, from fabric swatches, scrapbooks and Pinterest boards. Every wedding is different but it will help your florist immensely if you let them know what you like, what you hate (or may be allergic to!) and what has inspired you to your big day.
  5. Be honest about your budget – even if you aren’t sure what wedding flowers cost, you will have a rough figure of how much you think is too much – whether it is £200 or £2000, letting your florist know this figure will help them point you in the right direction. If your figure is totally unrealistic they will be able to let you know early on and help find a suitable alternative.
  6. Go with the seasons – no matter how good your florist is they can’t control nature and you will find if you want flowers out of their natural season, they will either be really expensive, poor quality or just simply not available.
    Wedding florist - Sunflower Bouquets
    Marianne McCourt


  7. Choose your dress before your bouquet. The style of your flowers should complement the style of your dress.  Your florist will be able to recommend a shape and size of bouquet that will suit your frame as well as the cut of your dress.  Let them know if there is any beading or embellishment that could be mirrored in your flowers.
  8. Prioritise – if you have a limited budget, think about the area you want to splash out on your flowers. It’s a good idea not to scrimp on your bouquet as this is the one piece that will be in 99% of the photographs so you will be looking at it for years to come!  A large focal arrangement at the front of the church can have just as much impact as 20 pew ends and cost half the price.  Likewise, the table centres at the reception will be noticed a lot more that the little vases of flowers in the ladies room!
  9. Check the small print! As with any contract, wedding related or not, read through and make sure you have all the details in writing.  Know how much deposit is required and when the final balance is due, and if any of it is refundable should anything happen.  Make sure delivery times and addresses are correct.  There could be delivery charges, rental charges, collection charges that you might have missed during the excitement of the initial consultation, so don’t be afraid to double check anything you’re not sure about.
  10. Don’t be afraid to ask for something different! A skilled wedding florist will have the knowledge and experience and will enjoy being asked to create something a bit different!

Download and print out our Wedding Flowers Checklist to take along to your florist.

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