Seat Planning – who? what? where?

So all at have been through the joy of planning our own weddings – and a big part of that is the seating arrangements at the reception. Here are some handy hints to get you through the process!

Top Table

This is the biggie! obviously you and your partner are in the middle – the traditional layout is as follows:

Chief Bridesmaid — Groom’s Father — Bride’s Mother — Groom — Bride — Bride’s Father — Groom’s Mother — Best Man

But remember – it’s your day and you can sit where you want! One of our guys here just had a lot of round tables with no ‘top table’ and someone else went traditional – as long as you are happy it doesn’t matter!

Everyone Else

The cheapest way of doing this is to get a great big piece of paper, and draw your tables and venue on it then with name labels, blutac and cocktail sticks start the process of putting people where you want them. This is great, but what happens if you have a cat or dog, or children who just want to play! Well we’ve found an excellent tool for you to use called the Top Table Planner and it really is genius!


It works on laptop or tablet, and gives you a fairly low cost, portable way of planning your seating arrangements –


Once complete you can produce a printed version of your venue with the seating layouts or send that to a printer to print on a large scale.



Prices for start from £10 for 6 months.

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