Rianne & Daniel – Engagement Story

I love a romantic proposal story and they don’t come much sweeter than Rianne & Daniel’s – so much thought and preparation – Daniel really considered what their passions were and you can see in the pictures the look of relief on his face that it all went to plan!  I am so glad they captured so much on camera as it is truly beautiful…

Rianne & Daniel

Rianne tells us their love story….

How did you meet?

We met in College in 2007 when I was 16 and Daniel was 17. We were both in the same department, 2 classes apart. The first day I plucked up the courage to say something to Dan he was stood at the front of his class during break time reading definitions out of a dictionary to the 12 girls in his class, the girls then had to guess what the word was. Daniel was clearly a charmer as usually a chat up line involving a dictionary wouldn’t have had me falling at his feet! But his cheeky smile and his quirky ways were enough to keep me dropping into his classroom at every chance I could. We used to get in trouble with our teachers for cuddling in the corridor so instead we left a penny with a secret love note under it blu-tacked to a hand rail in the hall.

Tell us about the proposal!

Daniel and I enjoy going letterboxing – if you haven’t heard of it before it’s a more old-fashioned version of geo-caching. We bought a book which tells you co-ordinates and directions to hidden boxes containing stamps (to stamp your book) and a visitors log book. On the day of our engagement we had done 2 letterboxes and I was trying to persuade Dan to take me home to rest my feet, but he was adamant we would do one more on the way home because it is really easy one to find.



So off we went to the Original Tynwald Hill. We visited the Hill, took a couple of photos then I followed the instructions to where the letterbox was. It was rather overgrown with nettles so I was glad it was a quick one to find.


Tynwald 3

I read the guest book from the very first entry to the last (as I always do) to find on the last entry a ring charm fell onto my lap. ‘Oohh that’s pretty what a lovely thing to leave’! I had said (completely oblivious) then I noticed Dan’s writing and it still didn’t click. I thought he had been ages ago but it was dated the day previous.

The 'ring'

She said yes!

He had written the sweetest message asking if I would be his wife.

So after a busy morning letterboxing, how about a busy afternoon ring shopping?  Rianne, will you give me the pleasure of being my wife? x (a nervous Daniel)

It was then I noticed he was on one knee in the middle of the brambles, and had been the entire time I had been reading. Of course, I cried my eyes out with delight and couldn’t get my words out. Dan looked rather anxious at this point and had to ask me again if I would marry him. When I eventually got a breath I said yes and cried some more.

The answer!

The Proposal

In case you can’t make out the letter, Rianne’s answer was:

A very teary and extremely happy Rianney!  This is the best way to start the rest of our lives, sharing our favourite hobby with my favourite boy!   Must of cried for half an hour now!!  Prickled by spikes but so worth it.  What an amazing day. Time for ring shopping.  (A soon to be Mrs Rianne Corkish)  Love you Daniel Corkish <3 xxxxxxxxx <3

The charm ring

in love!

Then they went out to buy a proper engagement ring…. just beautiful!


And just when you think this couple couldn’t get any cuter?  I can tell you they do!  We have the pleasure of featuring their wedding soon and I have had a sneak peak at all the pretty personal details that they had on their day, so as soon as the photographs land in my inbox I will be sharing them with you!


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