Capture the Love Free Printable

Do you remember the days of putting a couple of disposable cameras on each table for guests to take photos during the wedding reception?  I guess some people still choose to do this, but what do you get at end of the day? A load of out of focus, dark images from maybe half the cameras that actually got handed back and a pretty hefty developing bill!

A better option nowadays, with smartphones and social media, is to ask your guests to upload their mobile phone pics, with all the editing and flattering filters, on to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, using a hashtag that is unique to your wedding.

Then when you are recovering from all the excitement, you can search for your hashtag and see what everyone managed to capture from your big day!

We have designed a free printable for you to download – pop one on each table, or by your guestbook and write your personal hashtag on the banner so that all your guests know what to put on their photos!

Follow this link for the full size image Capture the Love Printable

Capture the Love Printable


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