On Your Marks, Get Set….. Bake!

With the nation’s ovens preheated in anticipation of Series 6 of The Great British Bake Off starting this evening, I have been searching the internet for the best DIY recipes that you can use for your wedding.

Sweet Table


For our wedding, my husband and I chose not to have a traditional wedding cake as neither of us were particularly keen on the idea, and as we both LOVE cheesecake, my mum made a scrummy white chocolate recipe and other friends and family made different cakes and treats to go on a sweet table which then doubled up as dessert for our guests.

Midsummer Nights Dream Wedding Cake:

Midsummer Nights Dream


Who remembers Frances and her pretty wedding cake from Series 4 of GBBO?  I loved the little bees and the dried fruit confetti.  Log slices are also a great way to display a cake for a more rustic styled wedding.  The recipe for this lovely cake is on the BBC website along with lots of other wedding cake recipes.

Stacked Wedding Cake Cookies:

Stacked Wedding Cake Cookies

This idea from Something Turquoise is a great way to make little favours to replicate your main wedding cake and the coloured icing means you could match them to any theme.  They can also be made up to 2 weeks before your big day!

The Naked Cake:

Naked Cake

A great article from Homestead Honey with tips on how to plan, taste, bake and build your very own naked wedding cake – no need to master the art of icing for this one!  It looks so pretty decorated with fresh flowers and herbs but would also look good with strawberries or other fruits and berries.  It also serves 200 so perfect for a larger wedding party.

Pie in a Jar:

Pie in a Jar

A lovely idea from Rustic Wedding for individual pies in a jar… they could be used as dessert or favours and personalised with labels and ribbon to match your theme.

Cup Cakes:

Cup cakes

Still a popular choice at weddings, whether made by the professionals or DIY, they fit any size of wedding party and budget depending on your choice of design.  If you are going to DIY them, don’t worry if you haven’t mastered icing roses and sugar figures – they look just as pretty dusted with a little icing sugar and a handmade label.  Beyond Frosting has a great article with techniques, templates and ideas.


This post from Beautiful Bridal has some lovely flavour combinations (Lemon cupcake with Blackberry buttercream – yum yum!) plus a useful timeline showing how far in advance you should be preparing certain things.


Top tips:

  • Don’t try and do everything yourself!  Get your friends and family to help if there is a lot to do.
  • Read recipes properly and be exact with measurements.
  • Be patient – if something says it needs to chill overnight there will be a reason for it!
  • Have a trial run – practise makes perfect!

We would love to hear from you if you have any top tips for DIY wedding cakes, or if you are planning your own wedding.  Email us at info@mymanxwedding.com

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