It all started with a Big Bang! (theoretically!)

Image Courtesy of Shan Fisher Photography
Image Courtesy of Shan Fisher Photography

Image Courtesy of Shan Fisher Photography
Image Courtesy of Shan Fisher Photography

The 5th of November is upon us, and as such the sky will be filled with Fireworks from all angles!

Are you thinking of using Fireworks as part of your celebration? Then here are the facts you need to know!

The Law!

Everything firework related in the Isle of Man is governed by the Fireworks Act 2004 you can read this Act here.

Although we recommend reading the Act yourself, it can be broken down into a few key points –

Unless you are getting married in close proximity to New Year or Bonfire Night, you will need to notify the Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service. To do this you have to complete two forms –

Firework Display Notice Form
Firework Display Notice Form

Firework Press Notice Form
Firework Press Notice Form

These forms have to be completed well in advance, with no less than 10 days of notice to the Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service – so if Uncle Bob turns up with a boot load of fireworks don’t be tempted to set them off without permission – if it’s outside of 5th November or New Year you could be liable to a £2500 – seriously denting the honeymoon spending money!


You can view more information here about Fireworks – but here are some obvious ones, always follow the…
Firework Code

1 Light sparklers one at a time and wear gloves
2 Never give sparklers to a child under 5
3 Buy fireworks marked BS 7114
4 Keep fireworks in a closed box
5 Follow the instructions on each firework
6 Light them at arm’s length using a taper
7 Stand well back
8 Never go back to a lit firework
9 Never put fireworks in your pocket
10 Never throw fireworks
11 Keep pets indoors

Extracts taken from BERR leaflet

Buying & Transport

Fireworks are available from local suppliers and information is available from the Office of Fair Trading as to who they are, these suppliers obviously change over time so we’d recommend getting an up to date list closer to the time you wish to purchase.

If you are tempted to buy online, make sure the Fireworks being purchased are manufactured to BS 7114 to give some indication on the safety and quality of the unit.

Also, it is worth noting that even getting Fireworks onto the Island can be troublesome – obviously you’ll never get them onto a plane, and there are only certain sailings where they can be transported on the Isle of Man Steam Packet – again we recommend contacting these companies and arranging your supply of fireworks well in advance of the display!


Don’t forget to tell your photographer! It’s great to have surprises, but the photos are what you will use to remember the day in decades to come – there is no point in surprising everyone with a fantastic display and not have your photographer ‘in the loop’ to capture those moments! Check out the photos above from one of our sponsored advertisers – Shan Fisher Photography!

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