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If you have taken a wander down Victoria Street in Douglas recently, you may have spotted the chic and stylish entrance to Genesis Gallery.  When I first visited, apart from the lovely warm and friendly welcome from joint owners Gemma and Rachel, the first thing I noticed was the variety of art on show – from traditional landscapes, to funky cartoon-like portraits.

Rachel & Gemma have been friends for many years and have worked together previously.   They share the same values and ambitions and share a passion for art.  Opening the gallery is not viewed a work by either of them, “spending the day in a beautiful gallery surrounded by stunning artwork and talking to people all day is a joy” they explain.

Genesis Gallery

The gallery is a warm and welcoming environment, open for all to enjoy offering an inspirational product mix including Original Paintings, Limited Edition prints, Sculptures and Artists Books.  Their portfolio of award winning national and international artists includes names such a Doug Hyde, Sherree Valentine Daines, Fabian Perez and many more.  There is a wide range of genres available to meet most tastes and the gallery is changed frequently to keep its look fresh and inspiring.  They have a very comprehensive web site which demonstrates an even wider range of art available than is possible to display in the gallery at any one time, offering more choice to their clientele.

Simon Kenny

We receive a new delivery every three weeks and feel passionate about supplying quality, collectable art so it’s difficult to choose just one!  However, if we were to take one home today, Rachel would take an abstract piece by Simon Kenny which is modern, very colourful and glazed to give a high gloss effect and Gemma would take an original pencil sketch by Fabian Perez called The Proposal which is a beautiful, seductive picture of a couple embracing.

Fabian Perez

Wedding Wishes is a web site designed for couples planning their wedding gift lists who would like to either start an art collection or invest in a single piece to remind them of their ‘big day’.  They simply create their own page here using their email address and a password. They will then be issued a link of their own to give to their guests when sending their invitations.  They can load examples of art they like at Genesis Gallery, the date of the wedding and if they choose, a photograph of the happy couple!



When their guests access the page, they will see a personal message from the couple, their photograph (if chosen) and a countdown to the wedding.  If the guests choose to contribute, they can do so using a credit/debit card or paypal, and leave a personal message.  The happy couple will then receive an email to inform them about the gift, the guest will receive a receipt and Genesis Gallery will take care of the rest.  A sample page has been set up to demonstrate – click here to view it and if you have any other questions, call their girls on 622070 who are always happy to help.

Find out more about Genesis Gallery and view some of the work they currently have in stock on their websiteFacebook, or Twitter

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