Have you seen…. some of the best proposals EVER!

Valentine’s Day is only 5 weeks away and as this is a popular time for men (and sometimes women) to get down on bended knee, I thought I would share some of the more creative, romantic and downright crazy marriage proposals with you!

I would love to hear your stories too if you want to email info@mymanxwedding.com or leave a comment below this post!

1. Issac’s Live Lip Dub Proposal.

Possibly one of my favourites, guaranteed to make a girl cry and any guys out there quake in their boots!  As one comment says “No one will ever top this. This guy just ruined proposals for everyone else “… I think they could be right!

 2. The guys from McFly!

What better way to win over your girl’s heart than to get one of the UK’s biggest boy bands to be the build up to your proposal!

3. The Fake Movie Trailer.

So you go out on a date to the cinema to watch the latest blockbuster and you’re sat next to your loved one, popcorn at the ready, when you start to recognise the trailer being played…maybe it’s a remake of an old movie?  Or maybe it is your own love story!

 4. Fall off a building???

Seriously, the poor girl in this clip deserves every carat of that diamond and more for the shock she had with this proposal….

 5. In Descent Proposal.

It would have taken some persuasion to get me on this teeny tiny plane in the first place (I find flying to Blackpool on the small Manx2 planes stressful enough!) but judging by the look on this girls face it was worth it!

6. Keep the dog on a lead!

I can only hope this girl said yes… we will never know!

7.  The Flash Mob.

I love a good Flash Mob but if you’re going to do one, you gotta do it properly… I’m talking dancers, cheesy music, some more dancers, a really public area for maximum embarrassment and throw a marching band in there for good measure!

8. Your name in lights.

You don’t have to own a plane or make a fancy schmancy movie trailer…. just put your loved one’s name up there in lights and show them some good old-fashioned romance, perfectly demonstrated by fellow Manxman Ben Mason…. Read the full story here

9. Be a geek…

A proposal in DNA?  Why not?  Or more precisely “DNA amplified to different sized fragments via the polymerase chain reaction, and then separated [sic] by size on a gel.” Exactly.  If you want a more in-depth analysis, you can read the full story here!

10.  V is for Venice…

Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world and what better place to get engaged… this lovely story was sent in from one of our Facebook fans and you can see their stunning engagement photo shoot on Shan’s Photography Blog

In 2012 after 4 years together my partner Eugene took me to Venice on holiday.  A few days in on Valentine’s Day he proposed to me on a gondola ride at sunset, it was a shock as he had taken me on many lovely holidays where friends and family had thought he may propose. Now I know why he kept putting off going on a gondola as I had wanted to go on one as soon as we got there!

After Eugene had proposed we engraved our names and the date onto a big padlock and put this on the L’academie bridge, we hope to go back to see if the lovelock is still there in a few years time. I would like to thank my amazing fiancé Eugene for finally proposing 😉 he’s made my biggest dream come true! We look forward to getting married next year  xx

I would love to hear more of your proposal stories, or maybe you’re planning on popping the question this Valentine’s Day yourself?  Get in touch at info@mymanxwedding.com and tell us all about it!

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