Have you seen… Pinterest?

I warn you now, if you haven’t already discovered Pinterest, then you are missing out on a massively addictive and time-scoffing world of inspiration and ideas!

Pinterest is a site where you can keep all your ideas in one place, categorise them on to different boards and the handy thing about it, is it keeps a record of which websites you found the images on, so you can go back and revisit them if needed.  It is basically an online scrapbook.  With unlimited pages!

The My Manx Wedding Pinterest site has separate boards for different colours of wedding inspiration, as well as table plans, hair styles, fashion and anything else wedding related.

You can also invite friends to ‘pin’ items on to your boards, so your Bridesmaids, Groom, Mum, or Wedding Planner can add to them as well.  And there are even Secret Boards which only you can see, ideal for putting pictures of your dress on or anything else you want to keep under wraps!

As with other social network sites, you can follow other people and blogs that inspire you and ‘re-pin’ items from their boards on to your own.

It’s not just for weddings – I keep track of craft ideas, decorating and interior designs, recipes, and even just cute pictures – but when you are planning a large, important event such as a wedding, it is easy to get overwhelmed with different ideas and forget what direction you want to head in.  It is also a useful tool to show your wedding vendors, such as florists, wedding planners and venues, so that they can see all your ideas and what sort of style you like.

So what are you waiting for?  Pin away my lovelies, pin away!

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