Wedding Fair Survival Guide

The Wedding Fair season is about to start, so I thought I would share my Top Ten Survival Tips for getting the most out of these events.

  1. Plan ahead.  Very often the venue will be able to give you a list of vendors that have confirmed their attendance, so make a list of those that you want to go and see and any questions you might have for them.
  2. Take your cheque book! Sometimes, suppliers will offer a ‘On The Day Discount’ or special offer if you book them at the wedding fair, but this will often include putting down a deposit.  Also, there are usually items for sale at fairs, such as jewellery and accessories and you never know when you will find THE perfect earrings!
  3. Have a separate email address for wedding related mail. This helps keep all your wedding correspondence separate from your work & personal emails.  It may also be worth getting pre-printed labels with your name and email on to save time filling out forms.
  4. Colour swatches can be helpful to show to suppliers such as florists, stationery designers and cake designers.
  5. Take a bag! Most wedding fairs will be handing out bags, but you never know how much literature you are going to collect so better be safe than sorry!  A notebook is also handy to have to jot down notes about different suppliers.
  6. Take a camera! Especially if there is a fashion show, or you are going to be chatting about the fair with Bridesmaids, Mums, or anyone that couldn’t join you there.
  7. Take your diary! You can book follow-up meeting with vendors you are interested in and arrange to visit them at their shop/studio or at your wedding venue.
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Wedding Fairs are designed to get all these professionals in one place to make life easier for you.  Don’t waste the opportunity to pick their brains about the jobs they are passionate about!
  9. Take someone useful! Wedding fairs aren’t known for being ‘Groom Friendly’, so if your man would rather be in the pub watching football, don’t drag him along with you!  Take your bridesmaids, Mum, sister, anyone that has your best interest at heart and you can have a laugh with!
  10. Wear comfortable shoes! The last thing you want is sore feet!

Check out our Events page for details of Wedding Fairs that are being held on the Isle of Man this year.

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