Have you seen….

…this AMAZING website?

A brilliant tool to help you plan your seating arrangements for your wedding, or any party or function for that matter!  And the best part….you can trial it for FREE!!

You can choose which shape of table you are having, how many guests are sat on each table, and once you’ve imported your guest list from Word or Excel, you just drag and drop your guests on to their table.  There is also a feature which allows you to colour code male & female guests, indicate what menu option they have chosen and whether you are still waiting for them to RSVP or not.

There are also resources to print your own place cards out, separate guest lists for each table, and escort cards.

I had a quick play around with the site, and found it very easy to use and as well as your dinner tables, you can put in the cake table, dance floor, buffet tables and any other personal touches you are having.   Then when you’re happy… you just print it out, which is perfect to give copies to florists, room dressers and caterers to make sure everyone knows the set up on the day.


Image source – Top Table Planner

The paid option, starting from £10 for 6 months,  allows you to save your table plan to the Top Table Planner website, which then means you can access it from anywhere and you can also set up multiple plans on the one account.  It also gives you an unlimited number of tables and objects to use (The trial version only allows you three).

Has anyone else used this site, or a similar one to plan their seating?  If so, I would love to hear your feedback…. just leave a comment below!




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