Supplier Spotlight – Simon Park Photography

Today we are starting our ‘Supplier Spotlight’ series of posts.  These are to help you all get to know some of our local wedding suppliers & vendors a bit better and to give them the opportunity to shout a bit about what they do best and why they do it.


So for our first post I am pleased to introduce Simon Park…..


What is your name and what is your photography style?

I’m Simon Park, a freelance photographer based in Ramsey. My photographic style could loosely be described as ‘reportage’ or ‘story book’ with may be a preference for black and white if the couple like the idea.

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

I’ve been photographing weddings for more than ten years… however, I’m not just a wedding photographer; for my business i also photograph a broad range of subjects including industrial, still life/product and have a passion for my own personal black and white work (have a look at my website). That passion influences all areas of my photography.

Who or what are your influences?

I do have influences, but they aren’t wedding photographers… they are street photographers who are masters of observation and timing – capturing the moment.

What is the best thing about your job?

Doing wedding photography can be a great ‘buzz’, especially if the couple are having lots of fun… Then the photography is easy – I’m there just capturing what happens! In fact, it helps if the couple don’t take the whole day too seriously…

Do you have a favourite venue or location on the Isle of Man? If so, where?

Not particularly, although one wedding at St Luke’s church, Baldwin was particularly scenic. Quite often it’s the VIBE of a wedding that counts and not the location.

Have any weddings/photo-shoots stood out for you? if so, what made them special?

One wedding this year was quite memorable. The couple exchanged vows on a pretty beach watched by friends and family. It was loosely officiated by a mate of the groom (they did the legal bit on a separate day). This was particularly touching as it was done with great feeling and seemed to mean so much more than the rehearsed vows I hear so often. This is something i welcome – weddings with a twist or theme maybe – I’m up for if you are!

What is the best piece of advice you could give to a couple when choosing a photographer for their wedding?

When you meet the photographer for the pre-wedding consultation, look past the big plush wedding book samples or the slick notebook presentation – that’s all sugar coating. Is the photography ACTUALLY any good? Does it show any personal photographic style? and has the whole ‘feeling’ of a wedding day been captured?

Here is my philosophy on wedding photography: If you are a bride who likes to turn the wedding day into a bridal/groom fashion shoot I’m probably not your photographer. However, we are not all supermodels; if you want a great set of shoots, captured naturally and unobtrusively, representing the whole day, I can do that for you.

Other considerations are: a proven track record and a competitive price. The most expensive photographers AREN’T necessary the best. I treat weddings like any other job … I break it down into hours i will spend and charge accordingly – and then give the client the right to use the shots they have paid for.

Where can people find out more about you? (website, Facebook etc)

my website:

I’m not a great fan of blogging, I have better things to do… like photography!


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